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September 28, 2009


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quail hill

I would plate everything in gold if I could.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

r4 dsi

It matters, However, even with low leverage, speculation and panics can occur. In 1907 we had a financial run on banks that almost brought the entire financial system of America tumbling down. J.P. Morgan rallied a handful of millionaires and eventually saved the system by restoring confidence on Wall Street as well as on main street. It was then that a call for a stronger bank of last resort was urged and six years later the Federal Reserve was created.

Terrie Thomas @ Hela Spa

Do you believe I just purchased new bedding and guess what, it's gold.
I sleep better than I ever have. Terrie Thomas @ Hela Spa


Congratulations on the Blog. it looks great. I too love gold and i had a great time enjoying the photos. You would love the gold leaf iron lighting by Objet Insolite. (of course we sell it at Goredean). Still, you would love it! All the best. You have great taste and it shows. Deborah Gore Dean


A fresh look at gold. Thanks.

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