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April 09, 2010


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Thanks Lauren! Target can really clean out one's pocketbook. I spent a nice chunk of change on cosmetics the last time I was there. And I barely wear any makeup!


I love the brooches. You're right about Target's cosmetic section. On a recent trip, I think I almost cleared them out! I need to keep away from it, I end up wanting to try everything! Lauren


My mother's style is completely different than mine. That's why her jewelry always looks extra funky with my outfits. Go steel your mom's brooch!

Katie is near and dear to my heart. So glad she turned you on to Luxe & Lucid. Stay tuned!



my mother-in-law has that EXACT SAME tiger brooch. she wore it during the holidays. how funny that you mention finding such a thing in your mother's closet! love it.

i grew up with katie runyan and came to find your blog and website through her. she and i recently had a long chat during which she encouraged me to follow my heart and look into interior design school. love your style and inspiration!

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