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June 17, 2010


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Hi Jessica. I l-o-v-e that you like my sunglasses in the first photo; there is a funny story behind them. I recently lost my pair of Versace shades that I loved and had been wearing for 2 years. To make due while looking for a new pair, I grabbed the glasses you mentioned out of my boyfriend's glovebox. Apparently, some chickypoo from year's past had left them there. I ended up really liking them because they provide so much sun glare coverage (and are so fabulously huge). I guess the beau isn't as big a fan, so he bought me a new pair when we were on Martha's Vineyard. The glasses are a random brand - "S4". I just Googled them and they are S4 Women's Whynot 791S4 Oversized Resin Sunglasses. You can find them at endless.com. Thanks for reading!!!


Who makes ur sunglasses in the first pic? I really like them.

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