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September 17, 2010


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Ashley Tripplehorn

So beautiful!!! I can't imagine walking in to that BUT - WOW - did you turn it around! LOVE the marble table and base along with the fab light fixture alla BG's in NYC??!!! So proud of you!!!

Megan Blake

Great work! What a wonderful experience for a designer! I agree with Notting Hill. And I love the dining table.


it is gorgeous :) make a little pit stop in germany and bring me with you? switzerland looks beautiful.

Splendid Sass

I love your blog! It is obvious that you love your job, and the apartment turned out beautiful!


Thanks for all the kudos! Coming from all you style experts, I consider it a serious compliment.

Tricia xo

So Haute

Tricia - GORGEOUS!! And...ahem...I'm here if you need an extra hand in Switzerland come October;)


Oh wow! Isn't that the most stunning location, let alone what you did to it! Utterly fabulous -congrats :-) Now how do I get clients in glamorous locations? LOL

The Ancient

Great wingchair. (Fritz Henningsen?)

my notting hill

The apartment is stunning! Among the many wonderful things, I especially love the sculptural quality of the different chairs and the bed treatment with the ties. The styling of the plaid blanket on the upholstered stool in front of the bed is genious.


Looks fabulous. I love your accessory choices. Hope to see the final pics!


Fabulous, as always!!

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