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January 21, 2011


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pam 186

a quick view separate job different types for that rn

Ceiling designs

wow. amazing

veterinary online


Italian corner

you have great ideas and fantastic blog

golden house

this is my first visit for your blog but i will following it :)

International Decor

wow .. its amazing thank you


Albarosa - Thank you and I'm so glad you checked out my website!


Thank you for your flattering comment, Alcira. I never tire of positive feedback! I've grown a little weary of blogging lately - it's sooo much work - so I was happy to have found inspiration in an unexpected place. Lord knows I'm not a fan of winter, but it really is a beautiful jumping off point for design, fashion, etc. Stay warm and inspired!


Alcira Molina-Ali

This is a positively awe-inspiring post.
Your curating skills are superb -- especially love the perennially edgy undertones throughout your work.
I too always had a thing for the Snow Queen. I had an audio cassette book-on-tape version that played Vivaldi's Four Seasons as the background music and when the little boy reached the queen's icy abode, the theme of winter would begin to play and always made me cry ;)
There was something so much more appealing about these older children's tales. I think it was the way they skirted topics both morbid and existential without worrying too much about frightening the kiddos. Very enlightening -- I really love the way you do what you do on this blog.
Oh and btw, you inadvertently saved me the other day when I went on a Google search for the source of the Golden Toad.
Google pulled up one of your archived posts that solved the mystery:


Cheers, Alcira



Enchanting post and images. The bedroom with the curtains was my inspiration for my own bedroom! Love your portfolio.

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