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May 12, 2011


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Victoria - The stair is at the Hotel Claude Passart. You can find more photos on my friend Danielle's blog, The Thoughtful Eye. Enjoy and thanks for reading!



Every Post is shaping up so nicely!Would love to see more the whole beauty of that divine House and stair!the Interiors as well!thanks for sharing :)


So nice to hear from you Leah! I checked out baby Safford on your blog. I love his name, his nursery - so darling. I'm still feeling the need to lighten up, so hopefully it will translate in my designs and on my blog. I hope to see you at another blogger event when you baby Saf gets a little bigger. T xo

Bonnie Huntley

Can't wait to see a pic of the new, lighter you. When you're 5'7, blond and slim, you can do both well!
I like the lesser - jewelry and otherwise - statement. Seems a little classier - and lends itself to the
clarity in living we all need. LY BLou

leah moss

I'm feeling the same, and am excited to see what it translates into for beautiful you!

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