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September 13, 2011


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I can see how fun the SF lifestyle would be, Barbara. I wish we had the same jam-packed outdoor cafes and restaurants here in DC!


Looks like such a great trip...adore the Vera Wang shoes!!


What a fun set of SF highlights...what I miss most about living in SF were all of the cool restaurants and bars that were always opening, so I am envious! Nest was one of my favorite haunts, too...glad you enjoyed it!


Hmmm ... why in the world would I think that? Shall we discuss your thoughts on handbags? ; ) Note that I was careful to use the word "anti-fashionable" not "unfashionable". One thing is for sure, you are my shopping good luck charm! T xoxo


Two things --- I CANNOT fathom how you could dare label me "unfashionable"! I am fashionable, in my own way :) This leads me to item #2 -- How could you leave my shopping spree from Athleta out of here? You did actually set foot in there and I think mumbled something about "seeing the appeal" before you sprinted out for a coffee and shopping at Cielo! Hope you are enjoying all your shopping goodies!

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